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Maxman 75000 Delay Spray For Men In Pakistan

Maxman 75000 Delay Spray In Pakistan also referred to as an Extra Strong Effect Delay Spray. It is a popular choice for men seeking to extra strong spray to extend sexual timing for full satisfaction.

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Maxman 75000 Delay Spray in Pakistan | Best Timing Spray For Men 45ml In Pakistan

Experience unparalleled endurance with Maxman Delay Spray for Men in Pakistan, a potent solution designed to enhance your performance and extend pleasure. This 45ML extra-strong effect spray is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to address premature ejaculation, allowing you to enjoy longer-lasting intimacy.

Maxman 75000 Delay Spray For Men MMC Key Features:

Maxman Delay Spray boasts a powerful formula that is expertly crafted for maximum effectiveness. The key features include:

Extra Strong Effect: This spray provides an extra-strong effect to help delay ejaculation, promoting extended pleasure for both partners.
Long-lasting Endurance: Enjoy prolonged intimacy sessions with improved stamina, boosting your confidence in the bedroom.
Discreet and Convenient: The compact 45ML size makes it easy to carry discreetly, ensuring you’re always prepared for intimate moments.
Fast-Acting Formula: The fast-acting formula ensures quick absorption, allowing you to experience the benefits shortly after application.

Maxman 75000 Delay Spray For Men Usage:

Apply 2-3 sprays directly onto the penis, focusing on the most sensitive areas, approximately 10 minutes before intercourse. Adjust the number of sprays based on personal preference and sensitivity.

Maxman 75000 Spray Benefits:

  1. Maxman 75000 – Extra Strong Effect Spray
  2. Advanced formula to reduce over-sensitivity
  3. Prolong sexual pleasure
  4. Calming effect to aid sexual performance
  5. Contains an emollient base that is colorless non-toxic and does not harm the skin
  6. Extends the timing to 45-60 minutes.
  7. Works within 5 minutes
  8. Helps you to get satisfaction
  9. Up to 200 applications in one delay spray
  10. No Side Effects

Maxman 75000 Spray Timing

Spray gives 45-60 minutes

How Does Maxman Spray Work

Maxman Men Delay Spray has an active ingredient Lidocaine, which works by temporarily desensitizing the penis, reducing over-sensitivity and thus delaying ejaculation to have more control over sexual performance.

Maxman Spray Side Effects

There is NO side effects with non-toxic ingredients that do not cause any harm to organ skin.

Maxman 75000 Spray Price in Pakistan

Buy original Maxman delay spray in Pakistan at a price of Rs.2000

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